Dr. Mark Shalaby

Dr. Mark Shalaby knew that he wanted to work in healthcare. In fact, before deciding dentistry was the right choice for him, he was in medical school. He knew that he wanted to help people feel the best about themselves, but after spending time in the hospital, he decided it wasn’t the right path for him. Being creative, artistic, and working with his hands were a must for Dr. Mark Shalaby, and cosmetic dentistry was the perfect fit. Since then, he has thrived on helping people get the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted.

As he grew up, he knew that there had to be a better way administer healthcare; he knew people deserved more. He resolved himself to be a part of the change and offer a different type of healthcare that prioritized being friendly, helpful, and leaving the ego at home. This is exactly the environment that he has worked hard to cultivate at Paradigm Dental, and this is exactly the type of dentistry that he is proud to give each of his patients.

Here, Dr. Mark Shalaby remains committed to providing patient care that is both creative and friendly. Your needs are his top priority every day. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be treated like family, and he will provide dental care that treats you like a whole person, not just someone with dental needs. At Paradigm Dental, he and his brother are proud to have their own in-house lab so that all of your dental work can be done here by the team you already know and trust, the team who knows and respects you.

In his free time, Dr. Mark Shalaby spends time with his girlfriend and his giant goldendoodle Walter.


Walter is our in-office mascot! He loves to run and hang out with his mom and dad on the couch! He isn’t always at the office, but when he is, he is the life of the party. He is currently 1 and full of energy! Make sure to say hi to him if you see him at the office!

Dr. Mike Shalaby

Dr. Mike Shalaby always knew that he wanted to work in healthcare and do something that would help people feel like their most beautiful, confident selves. He has always been drawn to artistic expression and working with his hands, guiding him down a path that eventually led him to where he is today. After realizing that the hospital setting just wasn’t for him, he decided to pursue cosmetic dentistry. Since then, he has relished in the opportunity to help people every day.

At Paradigm Dental, Dr. Mike Shalaby thrives on getting to interact with his patients, connect with them, and help them with something they really want and need. The marriage between art and science that cosmetic dentistry requires fuels his love for coming into the office every day and doing everything he can to truly help the people of this community feel their best.

Dr. Mike Shalaby doesn’t just prioritize the end result of every treatment plan; he prioritizes the process. At every step of the way, he ensures your comfort and checks in with what you actually want to get out of your treatment plan. He understands that certain procedures aren’t avoidable, and he treats every patient with the care, empathy, and respect that they deserve.

Paradigm Dental and Dr. Mike Shalaby are committed to providing a different kind of dentistry. A kind of dentistry that is focused on enhancing your life, prioritizing your comfort, and meeting your needs where you are. He has intimate knowledge about the procedures about the materials he uses to handcraft every appliance and provide creative, unique, and truly personalized treatment plans. When you are patient of Dr. Mike Shalaby’s, you know that you are always getting the best he has to offer, the best of him, and the best dental care in Austin.

In his free time, he likes to spend time outdoors fishing and pursuing different hobbies. He lives in Austin with his girlfriend, Yulissa, and their two dogs, Sophie and Maya.

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