Dental implants are an option for patients who have lost teeth. Rather than leaving a gap where a tooth once was, it’s often better to choose dental implants or dentures to protect your gums. However, there are pros and cons to getting dental implants.

It will help you to make a decision by getting some more information on dental implants. Here’s what you need to know.

Dental Implants Look Natural

If you’re looking for the most natural look, dental implants should be your first choice. Your dentist will work to make them look as close to your natural teeth as possible. This means, when you smile, they won’t be noticeable.

For many people, this is a huge confidence boost and enough to sway them towards choosing dental implants.

You’ll Need Minor Surgery

One of the cons of getting implants is that you’ll need to have minor dental surgery. For some patients, the prospect of having surgery can put them off the idea of getting dental implants. However, the surgery is minor and you won’t be able to feel anything.

Your dentist will provide you with all the medication you need to be comfortable during the process so you can walk away with implants that you’re proud of.

Long Lasting

Another pro for dental implants is that they last much longer than their counterparts. In many cases, dentures can last a lifetime but they usually last a minimum of twenty years. They are strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about being cautious.

You can eat food as you normally would with a natural tooth and still your dental implant won’t decay. Once you have an implant put in, you won’t have to worry about it again.

They Are Expensive

Dental implants can be costly, especially if you need more than one at a time. Although the price may be expensive, it’s worth it if your dentist is using high-quality materials. Think of it as an investment in your health and future.

It’s worth talking to your dentist about payment plans. If they’re available, you may be able to spread the cost. If you have health insurance, check if your dental health is covered before you do anything.

Prevents Bone Loss

Bone loss can be a serious condition that can cause health concerns. Some of the signs of bone loss include loose teeth, receding gums, and large gaps between teeth. Other signs include a collapsing bite and a visible change to your appearance.

The good news is, that dental implants can help to prevent bone loss. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone, rather than resting on top like dentures. This makes dental implants the preferable option for anyone who wants to put their oral health first.

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