We got thinking the other day about some of the foods that can stain your teeth and wanted to put together a handy list for our patients and friends.  These are a few we came up with………all things in moderation of course!


  • Coffee
    • A morning staple for many, this energy booster is one of the worst for white teeth.
  • Red Wine and Grape Juice
    • If you’re an avid wine or juice drinker, nobody needs to tell you about the effects these beverages can have on your teeth. If you drink red wine, try switching to white wine.  Another great tip is to try swishing some water around in your mouth after you drink.
  • Soda
    • Dark-colored sodas are bad for your teeth in many ways, but if you find you can’t cut them out completely, try drinking them through a straw so that staining liquid is bypassing your teeth.
  • Blueberries
    • Blueberries are rich in two things: Antioxidants and color. Blueberries (and other dark berries) can stain your teeth, but that’s no reason to give them up for good. Try to brush your teeth after you eat them to prevent stains.
  • Curry and Mustard
    • Yellow Sauce = Yellow Teeth……need we say more.
  • Tomato Sauce
    • The base of all things Italian, red tomato sauce is one ingredient many people don’t realize can actually stain their teeth.
  • Soy Sauce
    • Most often found in Asian foods, this salty sauce can leave your teeth looking a little lackluster.
  • Popsicles
    • Ever had your lips and tongue turned red (or blue or purple or green) after you ate a Popsicle or a flavored slushy? Guess what? They do the same thing to your teeth.
  • Beets
    • While this reddish-purple veggie is great for your health, it sure can have a dark effect on your mouth.

You don’t have to give up everything on this list to keep your teeth white. However, you may want to cut back when you can (especially on the sugary items). Brushing your teeth immediately after consuming any of these simple pleasures is always a good idea. It’s especially important to avoid any of them after a whitening treatment when your teeth are extra-sensitive to staining.

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