Once upon a time, it was not uncommon to drink from the pure, clean water of a stream.  Today, you are unlikely to see anyone drinking water from a natural source without running it through a Brita pitcher first.  As sad as it is to admit, society is taking a hard toll on Mother Nature.  Things that were once safe and abundant are now unsafe, limited, and treated with chemicals.  All of these treatments for something as common as water might have you wondering exactly what is coming out of your kitchen sink.


One of the most common additives to water is fluoride.  For those that are adamant against any additives in their water, this is actually a favorable additive.  Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.  While fluoride is found naturally in water, the fluoridation process only boosts the natural fluoride levels to the best level for the highest amount of protection.  In other words, water already contains the cavity fighter – society is simply making it stronger.

The addition of fluoride to water has been a common practice for over 65 years.  The process reduces tooth decay by up to 40%.  Even though fluoride is available in other products, like toothpaste and mouthwash, the “super” water is still providing essential protection.  In this age of excess, particularly sugar, the added fluoride can mean the difference between a cavity and a healthy tooth.

If you worry about the treatment process of your water, mark fluoride off the list.  This helpful additive has kept millions of people in better oral health. It will continue to serve millions more in the future. The next time you drink a glass of tap water, think of it as part of your daily dental routine.  Our Team and your teeth will thank you every six months.  Paradigm Dental Austin TX offers other fluoride treatments when clinically indicated, so don’t be surprised if the topic comes up at your regular dental cleaning in Austin TX.

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