Experience Dentistry Differently

Paradigm Dental is an independent dental practice owned by brothers Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby. Together, they grew up as artists and always talked about ways that they could do what they wanted to do better than it was being done. Today, they bring this same passion for artistry and improvement to their dental practice, offering a different kind of dental experience.

A concierge experience designed just for you

At Paradigm Dental, you always get the best that Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby have to offer. They have worked hard to cultivate an atmosphere that makes every patient feel comfortable and at home. Each of our treatment plans is designed to keep you and your results as the central focus. No upselling and no rushed work. Each time you visit our office, you will experience the full attention of your dental team. Each member of our team at Paradigm Dental is here to do one things: serve you.

Beautiful dental work you can trust

Because of their long-standing love of art, Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby handcraft every oral appliance, from dental implants to porcelain veneers to dentures, right here in their own lab with materials they trust. They stand behind all of their work and guarantee it. When you choose to partner with Paradigm Dental, you get the full extent of their clinical excellence and artistic mastery to receive a natural-looking, long-lasting smile that you can trust.

A dentistry partnership like no other

We don’t just tout quality and experience. We are committed to each and every one of our patients, whether here for an annual exam or a full mouth restoration, Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby are your partners in your dental health and the success of your treatments. Paradigm Dental offers a high-end experience with a comfortable, homey feel, where you know your team personally, and they know you. Building long-term relationships is the foundation of a successful partnership, and Dr. Mark Shalaby and Dr. Mike Shalaby are committed to your long-term oral health and personal success.

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